Five Roles Startups should Hire before raising VC Money

A strong team is the only defense against failure for today’s founders

by: Jack Lau

Venture capital investors have a maxim that they invest in teams, not specific technologies or ideas. However, over the last decade we have seen an increasing number of talented teams fall apart and investors forcing startup founders out of lead roles. Elon Musk ceased to be chairman of the board after a tweet went awry, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg regularly defends against attempts to unseat him as a chairman as well. What could be wrong with the teams from the most successful startups? The problem is more complex than it seems at first glance. 

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Thoughts after COMPUTEX

ARM Processor : Impact and Any Alternative

by: Jack Lau

We just came back from the COMPUTEX show in Taipei last week. COMPUTEX is one of the best computer hardware shows.

Other than exhibitions by the like of INTEL, ASUS, MSI, and other big names, there are a number of panel discussions. One of the panel discussions is about a processor called RISC V.

Before we explain more and why we should pay attention, let me digress and talk a bit more about a Cambridge based company called ARM.

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Why we need multiple cameras on a smart phone and who makes them? And, Hong Kong has something to do with this?

by: Jack Lau

For some who have good memories, you may recall that when Nokia still reigned the mobile phone world, it was such a “wow” moment when they first introduced a phone with a camera.   Yes, it was the Nokia 7650 which became available in 2002.  The phone featured a VGA camera. 

We still remember people asking around, what is the use of such a silly small camera!  (Well, apparently, Nokia spent a ton of resources trying to convince you the usefulness of having a built-in phone camera. Check out this Nokia 7650 commercial!

Fast forward to 2019, only seventeen years later, people are now changing phone “because” of the cameras.  The latest Huawei P30 has actually 4 cameras built in. 

Why so many cameras?  And, who makes them?

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Why is it so hard to win the Semiconductor Fabrication War?

by: Jack Lau

SMIC, which stands for  Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, was established in 2000 —just 19 years ago. It was then positioned as the answer to counter the dominance of TSMC, and was the sign of China taking semiconductor manufacturing seriously. 

Since then, SMIC has listed on both the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, under the stock code 981, and the New York Stock Exchange, under the stock code of SMI.

Currently, it has a 8% world market share in semiconductor manufacturing.  Q42018 revenue  hit US$778M.  Marvelous. 

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The New IPO Frenzy

by: Jack Lau

Guilty.  Yes, indeed, guilty.  Kept bumping into friends over past months (felt like centuries) complaining that we have been too lazy.  No writeup, nothing!    And, we are  not that active on social media either (with the exception of hitting the LIKE button occasionally), friends are right to assume that either this has been an inexplicable writer’s blog, or that this guy is probably having too much fun on the golf course. 

Well, the truth is that, frankly, there are too many  things happening.  And, it is really an exciting time for technology folks.  

But, being half-Shanghaineses, it is probably a crime to pay for a web hosting service and not using it at all.  Surely, the value-for-money mantra that is so inscribed somewhere on our skulls, they are calling our innermost conscious.  Write something!

So, let’s begin.

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