The New IPO Frenzy

by: Jack Lau

Guilty.  Yes, indeed, guilty.  Kept bumping into friends over past months (felt like centuries) complaining that we have been too lazy.  No writeup, nothing!    And, we are  not that active on social media either (with the exception of hitting the LIKE button occasionally), friends are right to assume that either this has been an inexplicable writer’s blog, or that this guy is probably having too much fun on the golf course. 

Well, the truth is that, frankly, there are too many  things happening.  And, it is really an exciting time for technology folks.  

But, being half-Shanghaineses, it is probably a crime to pay for a web hosting service and not using it at all.  Surely, the value-for-money mantra that is so inscribed somewhere on our skulls, they are calling our innermost conscious.  Write something!

So, let’s begin.

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Latest Stock Price Movement Signals – Mar 19

AI FinNews provides top financial information and news using artificial intelligence technologies based on popular technical analysis tools, big data and basic user filters. Such information include but is not limited to stock price movement signals, technical stock charts and financial news feed.

Please click the following link(s) for signals on the date:

29 Mar 2019

28 Mar 2019

27 Mar 2019

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