New Buzzword: Digital Transformation

by: Jack Lau

Every now and then, we hear a new “hot” term in the engineering world.  Apparently, hot topic is not limited to the engineering side.
We have had the privilege of surveying some executive business education lately, given that we are engineers and business oriented.  To our surprise, a number of the business schools are now offering executive education courses on a topic called Digital Transformation.  Schools that offer such courses are no less that the like of Harvard (, MIT, Duke — to name just a few. In fact, even if we went far away to Russia, the call for knowledge (from the business school education stand point) is loud and clear.
So, why did we say that we are surprised (pleasantly) in the first place?

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Let’s try an A.I. Experiment

by: Jack Lau

It is quite amazing how many times the word artificial intelligence is mentioned in our daily conversations these days.  Just yesterday, we were fortunate to be invited on a boat trip (yes, that is one of the upside on a super-hot summer day, and have some friends who remember us :). Our host was curious as to what A.I. could do?

Are we expecting Terminator Skynet?  Or are we expecting the like of a Robo-surgeon like that in Star Wars. Continue reading “Let’s try an A.I. Experiment”

Welcome to AI FinNews!

This is what happen when two techies met up.  We are both early adopters in technology and seasoned players in financial and market analysis. We share a great passion to employ A.I. to report financial news and help people plan and manage their investments by providing a user-friendly tool to analyse market data.

We cannot wait to show you the fruit of our joint development. Stay tuned!